Graflex Technical Information

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Making More Rangefinder Cams

[Article Icon] Brian Oakes writes with his instructions for making new rangefinder cams

Making Super Graphic Rangefinder Cams

[Article Icon] Donn Cave writes about making new rangefinder cams out of sheet metal. Not perfect, but "good enough for government work" as they say... 

Also, Super Graphic and Pacemaker Rangefinder cam information

Adjusting your Kalart Rangefinder

[Article Icon] Is your rangefinder out of whack? Does it not match your lens? 
Read these instructions and find out how to perform common alignment procedures.
Fixing Bad Mirrors in Rangefinders
[Article Icon] Ed Romney, famous for his repair guides, offers advice for the do-it-yourselfer on repairing and replacing the optical components of rangefinders.

Graphic Back Conversions

[Article Icon] Do you have a 2x3 Graphic with a Graphic ("Spring") back? Read about options for adapting it to accept 120 rollfilm backs. 

Graflex-Style View Hood

[Article Icon] Follow the plans in this article and throw away your focusing cloth.

 Field Lens (Fresnel) Placement

[Article Icon] Juan F. Sanz Cervera writes about testing film plane placement, with special attention to Ektalite field (Fresnel) lenses and ground glass placement.



Graflex Grafmatic Film Holder Manual 

[Article Icon] The Graflex Grafmatic holder holds six individual sheets of film.

Graflex RB Series D / SuperD

[Article Icon] This classic "lunch-box" style single-lens reflex from Graflex was the last of the line. (Instructions for the Series B and other models are also here.)


[Article Icon]

Classic Large-Format Lenses FAQ

Photographic Lens FAQ v1.10

Photographic Lens Tutorial v1.6



[Article Icon] Technical information about obtaining and using flashbulbs. No, they don't make them anymore, but many photographers use them.

Brought to you by Graflex.Org