Grafmatic Sheet Film Holder

Grafmatic Parts The Graflex Grafmatic sheet film holder holds six individual sheets of film. There are two sizes:
  1. "23" -- 2-1/4" x 3-1/4" film
  2. "45" -- 4" x 5" film
The Grafmatic holder operates automatically. The exposure counter records the exact number of exposures taken. A red indicator tells if film is ready for exposure, or covered. And and automatic numbering wheel numbers each film sheet to correspond with the number of the exposure counter ("45" model only).

Dark Slide Lock The Dark Slide Lock (see left) can be used in three positions:

(a) Open. Dark slide is free.

(b) Locked. Red dot covered. Exposures remaining. For temporary filing.

(c) Locked. Red dot uncovered. All exposures made. For reference or filing.

Follow these easy steps in loading the Grafmatic

1. Set the exposure counter on any number.

2. Press the drawer latch against hte dark slide handle. Hold.

3. Pull out film compartment. While film compartment is out, push in on the dark slide until the drawer latch locks.

4. Draw out the dark slide. Remove septums. (Fig. 1)

5. To load a septum, position the film so that the notch in the film is at the same end as the notch in the septum (Fig. 2)

6. Carefully slide the film under the top rail and into the septum without binding. If film slips out of septum, squeze the film guide rails at the closed end of the septum. (Fig. 3)

Loading Steps

7. Before placing the septums in the film compartment, push up on the sliding plate. (Fig. 4)

8. When loading the septums in the film compartment, put the notched ends toward the end opposite the dark slide. Put finger pressure along the septum rails and press septums downward. (Fig. 4a)

At the same time, push the dark slide back into the film compartment. Continue to press the dark slide in until the film compartment rests all the way inside the holder and locks in place. (Fig. 4b)

9. To operate the counter dial, all six septums must be loaded. Then set the exposure counter to no. 1.

More Loading Steps

Operating the Grafmatic Sheet Film Holder

In Operation 1. Set the exposure counter to No. 1.
Move the slide lock to open position.
More Operation Steps 2. Pull the dark slide fully out and push fully back in. (Fig. 5) The first sheet of film will spring into position, ready for exposure. To indicate that a sheet of film is ready for exposure, the red dot apperas, uncovered, on the back of the holder.

3. After the exposure is made, squeeze the drawer latch against the dark slide handle and pull the film compartment out completely. Release the latch and press the film compartment back in completely. (Fig. 6)

The exposure counter moves to No. 2. The red dot is covered indicating that the film is covered; at this point, the holder may be completely removed from the camera without exposing the film.

5. On the Grafmatic "23", use the slide lock hook to lock the dark slide before removing the holder from the camera.

The Grafmatic "45" will automatically lock the dark slide in place when the letter "x" appears.

Grafmatic 23 Details

4. Follow the same easy procedure for all exposures. When the letter "x" appears, the last exposure has been reached.

NOTE: A white plastic tab provides an identification area for the holder. Recesses for locating the tabs are provided at the extreme right and left of the negative numbering wheel. Acetate or India ink may be used on tabs. Cut the tabs 3/8" x 3/8" from a sheet of clear acetate (or clear piece of film) and fasten with a drop of household cellulose acetate cement (Fig. 7). White Plastic Tab Location

Source: Graflex Grafmatic Brochure

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