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Joined: 31 Jan 2003
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 01, 2003 12:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Can Crown Tripod-1 legs be used with a Crown Tripod-4 circular top (& maintain solidity)?
I recently acquired the legs at an EBay auction (without top), and by a lucky (I hope) chance have Tripod-4 top. I'm hoping I can put the two together into a serviceable tripod. (The legs haven't arrived yet or I would just try and see if they fit.) Thanks

Now, the #1 legs have arrived and do fit (in a fashion) the #4 top. The #4 top, has pins that are too big to fit all the way in the #1 holes, but has tapered pins the ends of which admit the #1 leg hole far enough to hold the leg more or less securely. The #1 leg-spread is great enough to fit between the #4 pins without a problem. However, the #4 pins and brackets are too far apart for the the #1 top, brass plated leg brace on one side of the leg to engage its clip on the other side (about 1/2" miss). The #1 to leg holes could be augered out to fit the larger #4 pins, and the #4 top brackets could be unscrewed and set closer to close the gap between the leg brace and its opposing clip. I'm not going to make this modification however since I don't like that kind of hybrid. (The #4 top says Graflex Corp.--before 1946, and the #1 legs say Graflex Inc.--after 1946.)The whole assemblage sits together fine for inspection, and is very nice to look at. The wood is not mahogany (which is brown) or maple (which is pale) but cherry (which is red). Cherry has a very fine "fleck" visible in the wood and is so hard that you can't sink your fingernail into it. I think I read in the Graflex literature somewhere that these tripods were made of cherry. That and the brass plate on the hardware is what makes them so pretty.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 03, 2003 4:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Somewhere around here recently, I made a comment about the Crown #1 tripod. I'm still embarrassed about it (the tripod, not the post, or maybe, wait, let me think about that...)
"solidity" may be the key word here. And that would all depend on what you're holding up with it and their condition. The #1 is a small portable tripod that I probably wouldn't use for 35mm. It's nice, but far from stable or solid. Your's may be better.
As far as fitting the #4 top, I doubt it. The spread between the leg sections would have to be bigger on the #4, or I would guess anyway since the tripod itself is so much larger.
Overall, I can't say for sure it wouldn't fit, but I hope your's is more solid than mine...
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