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Super/Super Speed Graphic Rangefinder Servicing

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 11:38 pm    Post subject: Super/Super Speed Graphic Rangefinder Servicing Reply with quote

Super/Super Speed Graphic Rangefinder Repair

1. Remove the focus panel by pressing down on the ribbed edges of the chrome arms and sliding the
panel to the right. If the graflok sliders are not in the fully released position they may block and
arms from moving.
2. Remove the battery door and remove the batteries.
3. Remove the distance cover lock lever retainer then release the lock lever and lift the distance
cover, flash calculator scale, and spring.
4. Apply an adhesive remover to the distance indicator at the pinion shaft.
5. Using two small flat blade (common) screwdrivers gently pry the indicator off the pinion shaft
without bending anything.
6. Remove the distance scale.
7. Rotate the back approximately 45 and remove the 6 bellows retaining clips.
8. On cameras with serial numbers up to 646124 remove the 5 screws along the top edge of the bellows at the lower edge of the rangefinder. There are 2 types of screws used. Note their positions.
9. On cameras over 646124 remove the right rear lower handle bracket screw. Hold the terminal cover nut if necessary.
10. Remove the terminal cover.
11. Disconnect the 3 wires from the bellows. DO NOT pull on the wires.
12. Unlock the front standard and remove the front standard/bellows assembly from the camera.
13. Open the cam door and remove the cam.
14. While holding the cam door at the open position remove the retaining screw, collar, and spring washer. There is a leaf spring putting pressure on the back edge of the door and the screw socket threads will strip if the door is not kept in position.
15. Remove the cover over the rangefinder arm lock screw.
16. Remove the two cam tube clips from the bottom of the rangefinder. The shorter of the two is on the cam side.
17. Remove the rangefinder tube clip at the lower left handle rear screw.
18. Remove the rangefinder tube clip just behind the actuator slide.
19. Looking at the camera front, drop the left end of the rangefinder tube and slide outward then slide the lower right rearward until the actuator clears the bed guide then remove the tube from the body.
20. Remove the rangefinder wires from the terminal strip.
21. Turn the camera upside down and remove the 6 screws along the sides of the rangefinder assembly.
22. Lift the right side of the rangefinder assembly up and clear of the body side then slide the rangefinder assembly out of the body. On some bodies the handle screws have to be loosened
and backed out for the rangefinder housing to clear the body.
23. Loosen the rangefinder arm to moveable mirror shaft clamp screw sufficiently to allow the arm to slide off the shaft.
24. Remove the 3 base retainer screws.
25. Lift the base assembly from the housing.
26. Remove the cover over the rangefinder arm then remove the arm if it needs servicing.
27. Remove the clips from the 50% mirror and separate it from the frame. The silvered side goes out. Shim new mirror between the mirror and frame. Install new mirror.
28. The moveable mirror is cemented centered on the shaft. If it has come loose recement it centered.
29. Reassembly is reverse of disassembly.


Leave me your email address in a P.M. and I'll send you a copy.
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