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Crown vs. Super Graphic
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Joined: 04 Jun 2001
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Location: Northern California

PostPosted: Fri Jun 08, 2001 1:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Jeannemarie I have two Speed Graphic cameras
neither of wich have a rotating back but they
both have two mounting points for tripod screws, one on the base of the camera and one on the left side of the camera boddey.
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Joined: 15 Oct 2001
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 16, 2001 1:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


On 2001-05-27 14:20, jeannemarie wrote:
Ok Alecj, you got me. Maybe you can explain the difference to me in the focal plane shutter and the electronic shutter that the different models have. I really did read the info and have as yet to find where it compares the two. Maybe they are horses of another color? Not being as familiar as you seem to be with the Graphics cameras in general, my impression was that they served the same purpose. What I was looking for in the first place was an affordable 4X5 field camera with some kind of rotating back that could possibly utilize the Schneider lenses that I already have for my Sinar studio camera.I happened to have a Crown Graphic I've never used and thought something like that may be an alternative for the nature and scenic stuff I shoot.....OK? But the Crown doesn't have a shutter and my Schneider lenses don't either. I have a separate Copal shutter I use with them. I was just looking for alternatives. Maybe it's an impossible idea.

The Super Speed Graphic had a front shutter lens combo, with 135 mm f/4.7 Optar. The huge shutter is cocked by turning what looks like a knurled lens hood that is actually the outside of the lens-shutter. The top shutter speed listed is 1/1000 of a second. The shutter is less durable than any other shutter ever made for a Graphic since WWI IMHO.

Graflex made things more confusing by also selling a Super Graphic with a conventional shutter and a 1/400 or 1/500 top speed and Optar lens.

Three advantages for both 'Supers' are the front swing adjustment for the front standard, the revolving back to set for verticles or horizontal pictures without turning the camera, and the focusing coupled flash bulb f/stop calculator on the top of the camera.

The electronic shutter release uses a hard to find battery that fits in the right top rear of the camera. There is a red button on the right top corner of the camera body, that, when depressed, uses an electric switch that fires the mechanical shutters shutter.

You have to get the Speed Graphics, AKA Pacemaker Speed Graphic, (earlier) Aniversary Speed Graphic, Miniature Speed Graphic, etc. to get the rear focal plane shutter.

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Joined: 29 May 2001
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 17, 2001 3:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Let me "throw my two cents in". You may want to consider a 4 X 5 Super D Graflex or a Series D for that matter. Both these cameras are single lens reflex with a focal plane shutter and a revolving back. They use barrel lenses. A major drawback will be that you must use lenses greater than 190mm due to the large mirror, which requires a lot of clearance. There may be some retro focus lenses that would provide a short focal length but I am not aware of them. The only drawback may be cost. A Super D Graflex with a Graflok back is usually between $900 and $1,500, depending on the condition. These cameras can be hand held but tend to jump a bit when the mirror is released due to its large size. But, the mirror can be pre-released before exposure.

Heres another option: An accessory focal plane shutter was available by Linhof which could be added to the back of a 4 X 5 Linhof (or maybe any camera with a 4 X 5 Graflok back...I'm not sure). However, this is a rare accessory (only offered in the late 50's and into the 60's). The Linhof Technica and Super Technicas are field cameras with revolving backs. Again, they are expensive cameras even on the used market. BUT, this would provide the ability to have a field camera, with a revolving back and a focal plane shutter, thus allowing the use of your barrel lenses.

These are only options....I am not claiming that they would be practical or logical for your purposes.

In case you are still confused about the "Graphics" and their shutter designation, here is my summary: All Speed Graphics have focal plane shutters EXCEPT for the "Super Speed Graphic" and the "Speed Graphic Model 1000". The Super Speed Graphic is IDENTICAL to the Super Graphic except for the name badges on the camera. The Super Speed was equipped with a 135mm Optar that had a leaf shutter which went to 1/1000. A 270mm Tele-Optar was also available with the same shutter but rarely seen. Because this camera was capable of such high speed, Graflex titled it a "Super Speed Graphic". But, take that lens off and you have a "Super Graphic" with "Super Speed" name badges on it! The "Speed Graphic Model 1000" was IDENTICAL to a "Crown Graphic" EXCEPT for the name badge. It also used the lenses decribed above with the 1000 leaf shutter (available from the late 50's until the late 60's/early 70's).

Please feel free to contact me via "Private Message" if you have any questions.

Best of luck!

Best regards,

JP Mose
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Joined: 09 May 2001
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Location: Alabama

PostPosted: Wed Oct 17, 2001 11:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Did you all miss Jeannemarie's message that she was staying with her Sinar for the time being? She's got a dream Sinar P system with DB shutter and all lenses in DB mounts. I suggested she consider the Sinar F so she could use all her lenses with a lighter body. She didn't seem interested in investing in a wholly new system, considering the potential her present system has.
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Joined: 17 Oct 2001
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2001 5:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I was looking through the posts (after not participating in the discussions for a while) and saw this one and just wanted to put in my two cents. The thread left off with Jeanmarie still thinking about what to do. I had a Crown Graphic that I purchased in deplorable shape for $10 and restored so I could use it as a field camera since my Omega monorail was getting too much trouble to carry into the field. The Crown was a great field camera and I used it ALOT. It didn't have a lot of movements but for what it was it was a great camera. I also used it as a copy camera. It had enough bellows draw that I could easily use my Nikkor f/9 300 on it. I speak of it in the past tense only because after using it for a long time, I had the opportunity to purchase a Super Graphic at a good price after searching for one (how I came to have it is a nice story but I won't bore you with it). I didn't want to leave the Crown gathering dust so I sold it. The Super Graphic is also a great camera and I love it. My favorite lens is a Schneider 210/360 convertible that I bought soon after I got my Omega. I do a lot of 120 with it (with a Calumet roll film back, it was the only rollfilm back I could use with my Crown because it had a non-removeable spring back) and am trying to get back into shooting 4x5 film (I do most of my own processing). If you haven't made a decision yet, I hope this helps.

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Joined: 26 May 2001
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Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2001 6:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

WOW! I'm really impressed. You guys have more info on my subject than I even knew I wanted to know. It seems like the more I learn, the less I feel like I really know.) Actually, I have finally decided that since I already have a Sinar F (not P) I am going to get either a 120mm, 6X9 or a 6X12 rollfilm back for it. Then if I choose , I can always get a lense or two for the Crown Graphic (which I also already have) and have the best of both without the fuss. Then I'll see which is truly easier for me in the field . I really appreciate all the effort and true help I got from all the people on the forum. Thanks again...JM
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