Flashbulb Equipment Recommendations


The GE #5 and Press 25 bulbs are the most popular bulbs still widely available. They provide plenty of light, and are compact. They work well with the 5" right-angle reflector for indoor or portrait work, and can cover a 120-degree sweep with an extender in a 7" reflector, at a one stop reduction in guide number.

The Press 40 bulbs in the screw-type base are similar in light output, and are convenient for those who need the extra coverage from a 7" reflector at full power.

The GE #11 bulbs in the screw-type base are similarly bright, and are also convenient for those who need the extra coverage from a 7" reflector at full power.

Flash guns

The 2773 Graflite is the most versatile. It takes 3 D-cell batteries, and offers household-plug connections for synchronizer, external syncrhonizer trigger, flash extension, and M synch. Use with the 2749 Graflex 5" Reflector or the 2747Graflex 7" Reflector


Flashbulbs are readily available at garage sales, used photo equipment dealers, and antique shops; however, by nature, these sources are sporadic. You may be able to find a photographer in your area who has a case or two tucked away.

But if you want to try a variety of bulbs, or need a steady source, the best bet is to find someone searches out flashbulbs and resells them. See Bill Cress's Flashbulbs.Com web site.  Here is a sample of bulbs he has available for suitable for use with Graflex flashguns:

For sync cords, try one of the retailers listed in Where to Get, such as Paramount Cords or Pacific Rim Camera.

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