Chapter 5 of "Instruction Manual for RB Super Graflex &c"

Attaching the flashing Unit

Open Flash all Super D Models

Instantaneous Flash with 3¼ x 4¼ Super D

Those 3-1/4 x 4-1/4 Revolving Back Super D GRAFLEX Cameras with a synchronizer socket on the shutter plate at the right side have the neces sary special curtain and mechanism to allow the firing of the large, long peak flash lamps such as the No.31 and 2-A lamps, in synchronization with the camera settings indicated below. Do not attempt to use the No.6 or FP-26 or other lamps, than those specified.

1/1000 (D-High) back in horizontal or vertical position.
1/400 (C-High) back in horizontal or vertical position.
1/200 (B-High) back in horizontal or vertical position.

The B, C and D curtain apertures are marked in black as a reminder that they may be used for synchronization. Do not attempt to synchronize with LOW tension with the B, C or D apertures, or with the A aperture at either HIGH or LOW tension. This aperture is marked in red as a reminder. To prevent accidental firing of the flasli lamp, be sure to dis connect the cord or remove the lamp before dropping the shutter cur tain from one aperture to the next larger (viz; from D to C) . The lamp will not be fired as the curtain is wound from B to D. Note: The earlier 3¼ x4¼ Super D Models with the synchronizer socket in the side of the camera do not have the necessary special shutter or mechanism to assure synchronization at any instantaneous speeds.

Instantaneous Flash with 4 x 5 Super D

Based on the use of G-E No. 31 Photoflash and Wabash No. 2A Superflash lamps.

ASA Film Speed Range

20-32 40-64 80-125 160-250
1/200 65 85 120 170
1/400 43 60 85 120
1/1000 32 45 60 90

Synchronization with Other Models

Because of the many variables involved, Graflex does not supply any accessory device for synchronizing Graflex focal-plane shutters. Various attachments for this purpose are on the market, and their manufacturers should be consulted for all information regarding them.

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