Chapter 7 of "Instruction Manual for RB Super Graflex &c"

Graflex Cameras are sturdily constructed, but like all fine equipment they should be handled with consideration. To preserve the neat appearance and increase the life of your camera, the leather may be cleaned with an occasional application of saddle soap or other good leather preservative. If kept in its carrying case when not in use it will be protected from dust, dirt and accidental blows,

The efficient life of any shutter will be greatly lengthened if all tension is released when the camera is not in use. In the case of the Graflex focal-plane shutter, operate levers M and P until the curtain and tension are run down. Never oil a shutter.

For best results the lens of your camera should be regularly cleaned. Use a soft, well-washed linen handkerchief, a camel's-hair brush, or lens tissue. First. blow off the dust (a camel's-hair brush or small rubber ear syringe is recommended) and then wipe without using pressure. To remove fingermarks or moisture, breathe upon the surface, and wipe. Always wipe lightly, and with a circular movement. Never use acids or any common household solvent for cleaning lenses. Lens cleaners supplied by lens manufacturers may be used if the instructions accom panying them are carefully followed. If the inner surfaces require cleaning, the utmost care should be observed to remove the lens elements one by one; clean and replace each before others are taken out. When replacing these elements screw them securely in place but do not use excessive pressure.

The Graflex First-Surface Mirror


[The following information is provided for historical value only. As Graflex is no longer in business, service is available only from individuals and companies which make a business of supporting these cameras. See the Parts and Books, Where to Get sections of the Speed Graphic FAQ, and the related Graflex News Article.]

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