Graphic Telephoto Lenses

These long focal length lenses are not ususally used hand-held.

Name Focal Length Aperture Shutter
Graflex Tele-Optar 270mm f6.5 Graflex-1000, 1/1000 shutter
Graflex Tele-Optar 380mm (15") f/5.6 barrel
Graflex Tele-Optar 250mm (10") f/5.6 barrel

The lenses list are only a small selection of what is available. Telephoto lenses have a small image circle and use proportionally less bellows draw than their focal length suggests. A telephoto is the only way to get a 380mm lens onto a Speed Graphic, because

Because of its small image circle and because of the shift in focus produced when the lens is tilted, this type of lens does not really allow for movements on a 4x5.

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