Supermatic Shutters

From the book Graflex Photography, 10th Edition.

The Kodak Supermatic Shutter, is rim-set, with 9 speeds from 1 to 1/400 second plus Bulb and Time settings. It also incorporates a built-in delayed-action mechanism or self-timer. The built-in Press Focus Button is used to hold the shuitter open for ground-glass focusing, while the shutter is set to any speed. This avoids the usual shutter-speed change to Time in order to keep the diaphragm open while focusing on the ground glass.

The N. 2 (Flash) Supermatic Shutter has built-in syncronization contacts for high-speed flashtubes as well as for standard flashlamps including the gas-filled SM and SF types. The setting to the type of lamp used is fully selectable.

The Supermatic (X) shutter has built-in contacts for syncronization of high-speed flashtubes only. For syncronization of standard foil or wire-folled flashlamps, a solenoid is attached to the shutter.

Shown below is an Ektar 127mm/f4.7 lens in a Supermatic (X) shutter, mounted in a Pacemaker Graphic board, from the Graflex brochure ``Pacemaker Graphics -- Speed & Crown'' (undated):