Pacemaker Crown Graphic

Image of Pacemaker Crown Graphic

The Crown Graphic was manufactured 1947-1973. It is almost identical to the Pacemaker Speed Graphic, but made without the focal plane shutter, which reduced weight, and increased access to wide-angle lenses shorter than about 65mm.

Just like the Speed Graphic, the Crown Graphic was sold with an optional side-mounted Kalart rangefinder until 1955 (as shown above), and with a top-mounted Graflex Rangefinder after 1955. The 1955 and later Top Rangefinder version of the Pacemaker takes interchangable cams.

Bellows Extension

The bellows extension of the Crown Graphic differs from the Speed Graphic, as shown below.  (Note that 3x4" cameras are not as desirable as 4x5 or 2x3, due to the lack of film.)
Pacemaker 23 Crown Graphic Pacemaker 34 Crown Graphic Pacemaker 45 Crown Graphic
7-3/4" 11-1/2" 12-1/2"