Graflex Manufacturing Codes

The following information as provided by Chuck Hessinger, the last Graflex Eastern Regional Service Manager.
Starting around 1961, Graflex started date coding all cameras, roll holders, flash, etc. with a date of manufacture. The code consisted of a letter, single number and letter. The first letter is the month (A thru M, I was not used), the number was the year, ie. 4 would have been either 1964 or 1974 and the last letter was the manufacturing change code, starting with "A". When a change in manufacture took place the letter became a "B", then "C" etc. 
  • On all press cameras this code was stamped in ink on the cross piece of the lenstrack. To locate the code, rack out the track until the outer crosspiece is beyond the bed, then look on the bottom of it.
  • Many lensboard/lens combinations were stamped on the back of the lensboard.
  • Xl's were coded inside the camera.(Remove Graflockback to view easily)
  • Roll holders were stamped on the butterfly spring which puts tension on the roll film rollers.
    Example D4E - April 1964, Fifth Manufacturing change. 
  • First Character
    Letter indicating month of manufacture: 
    A B C D E F G H J K L M
    Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec published this table incorrectly before July 1, 2001.
    It was missing the letter "D" and included the letter "N".
    If you dated your camera using this table before please check it again.

  • Second Character
    Year of manufacture (Unfortunately an 4 could mean 1964 or 1974. 
  • All other characters relate to changes in manufacture: 
  • A Product as initially released 
  • B A change in the manufacturing process, such as an added washer, a changed outside vendor for a part, etc. After Z codes became AA, AB, AC etc. This third digit would tell if it was of 1964 or 1974 manufacture. Rarely, if ever, was a product manufactured for more than ten years without a manufacturing change. 

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