Kalart FocuSpot Advertisement

Here's how it works.  Switch on the small electric bulb in the FocusSpot and twin
beams of light are projected from the windows of your Kalart Range
Finder.  Point camera sop that beams fall on your subject -- turn the
focusing knob of your camera until the two beams merge, and you're
``in focus.''  The fastest, surest way to get needle-shart focus in
dim light or even total darkness.   indicates accurate focus as close
as 3 feet and beams can be projected over 30 feet.

Use the Kalart Focuspot in ``watch-the-birdie'' fashion to photograph
children and animals.  The light attracts their attention adn helps to
get those natural, unposed expressions.  Beams of light also show
approximate center of picture -- lets you shoot from any angle or
camera position.