Kalart FocuScope Advertisement

A magnifying telescope for your Kalart Range Finder with Safety-First Features.

Now you can speed up your focusing operation and get crisp
needle-sharp negatives at the same time with a Kalart Focuscope.  It
attaches instaltly to the Eyepiece of your Kalart Range Finder,
enlarges the focusing image for critical hairline focusing and
increases its brilliance to speed focusing in poor light.  Built with
a spring-loaded telescoping eyetypbe, the Focuscope permits working
closer to the Eyepiece without undue pressure or strain on the Range
Finder housing.  Your guard, also, against injury or discomfort if
jostled while focusing, a possibility when using rigid, one-piece
eyetube extensions.

The Kalart Focuscope is easy to attach.  Simple screw it into the
threaded Eyepiece of your Kalart Range Finder.  It fits all late Model
E (black) Kalart Range Finders and may be left on as a permanent part
of your focusing equipment.