Ilex Acme Synchro Shutter

The Ilex Acme Synchro Shutter is designed for use with flash bulbs. The shutter sync is adjustable with a a slotted slider mounted on the side of the barrel. The sync is mechanical, and is activated by a separate lever.

The syncronization is set as follows:
Time (ms)Dot ColorDescription
0redX (electronic flash)
5whiteF (gas filled flash bulbs)
20blueM (wire-filled flash bulbs)
23yellowS (large slow flash bulbs)

Shutter cocking and release are done with two separate levers. Focus viewing is accomplished with the press-style focus lever.

The rim is metal, and the front is black with white markings: two concentric rings, the ``ILEX'' company logo, and ``Ilex No 3 Synchro Shutter'' in a sans-serif art deco font.