Adjusting Hugo Meyer Rangefinders

The Hugo Meyer rangefinder is found on many Speed Graphics. It was offered as an alternative to the more common Kalart rangefinder on both civilian andmilitary models. These rangefinders can be identified by their oblong windows, Kalart rangefinders all have round windows.

If the rangefinder is sticky it should be removed from the camera and the cam surfaces cleaned. Removing it requires removing the actuating arm from the shaft and removing the four screws holding the rangefinder body to the camera. There is a torsion spring associated with the actuating arm, be careful no to loose it and note its position.

The cover plate on the camera side is held in place by a single center screw and locating pins at top and bottom. Removing it exposes the actuating cams. They should be cleaned with a suitable degreasing solvent like lighter fluid (Ronsonol) and re-lubricated with a very little light oil.

The mirrors can be accessed for cleaning by removing the windows. Each is held in place with two small screws, one at the top and one at the bottom. Use cotton swabs and lens cleaning fluid for cleaning.

To set up the rangefinder, use the follwoing procedure:

The procedure automatically adjusts the rangefinder for the focal length of the lens used.

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