4x5 Photos

The images below were taken with a 4x5" Graflex Speed Graphic and scanned with a low-resolution slide scanner. The scans are not as good as the original transparencies or negatives, but they do give a flavor of the image. Comments?

Click on an image for a bigger view.
Light coming through holes in the roof at an abandoned Nike missile base on San Francisco Bay Acme Glass Building, Palo Alto, CA Abandoned truck stop near Salt Lake City, Utah
Infrared Photo, Santa Barbara, CA Five cent cigar sign, Santa Barbara, CA Moon through warehouse windows, India Basin, San Francisco
Outrigger with newspaper reader, Santa Barbara, CA Toronto post Japanese Garden, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
Sudden Service, Boston, Mass. Victoria Station Restaurant, weeks before demolition, South Station, Boston, Mass. Warehouse, India Basin, San Francisco
Bulldog, The Castro, San Francisco

Copyright 1997 Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. All rights reserved.