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rangefinder and ground glass query

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 06, 2002 2:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

My Pacemaker (?) Speed Graphic is fitted with a side-mounted Hugo Meyer rangefinder, model no.4 P(or R)G, which I think is correct for the Kodak 127mm f4.7 lens. I have looked at the info on the graflex site for this rangefinder, but I have some queries I hope you can help me with:

1. The actuating arm/lever inside the camera body seems to rest against an eccentric cam on the rear of the right hand rail. It appears to be held against the rail by a spring tension in the rangefinder itself - if the lens is racked right forwards this arm is left behind. Is this correct? The only place the arm is attached is right at the end where it bolts onto the rangefinder.

2. I have made a target as described in the instructions but the ground glass focusses in a different position to the scales on the bed/rail. The longer scale is stamped 30881-2 on the back, the shorter one (attached to the rail) is stamped 30817-2. This makes me think that either I have mismatched scales or that there should have been a fresnel screen. The GG is tight and is not shimmed, it's holder is stamped 30411. It is in a sprung back.

3. There is a lateral displacement in the viewfinder window, but I cannot find the external adjustment (allen headed screw?) on the side of the rangefinder. All I can see are the 2 adjustment points under the model number plate.

4. Should I focus on the gg with my loupe at a known distance from the target, reset the scales to read the correct distance and then turn the eccentric cam the the actuating arm rests on to agree with the gg?

Sorry to go on so long - thanks in advance for any help.

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 07, 2002 1:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

If your camera has a lens shutter release tab on the lower front right side netx to the bed opening then it is a Pacemaker; if not it is probably an Anniversary.

Open the bed to 0; turn the focus knob to set the rails to the rear most position; usnig the ground glass (and a loupe if desired) move the lens standard only to achieve sharp infinity focus on an object at least 1/2 to 1 mile away. This is where infinity stops and scale markers should be set for the lens mounted. If your scales don't match put a marker on the rail and stationary plate on the bed and mark infinity, Use a tape measure and from the film plane measure out to 100 ft or metric equivlent, set focus by turning focus knob and mark new scale that you just installed, continue with 50 foot, 25, 15, 10 to suit your needs. Then figure out or find which adjustment screws to turn on the rangefinder to make its image agree with the ground glass.
Yes, it helps a lot to have the camera on a tripod.
I think that a piece of .035 aluminum or brass, a pair of tin snips, a machinest scribe, a square, and drill with bit, and about 25 minutes should be all that is needed to make a good focus scale for these cameras.


While a picture may be worth a thousand words, a quality photograph is worth a million.

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