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Curtain dimensions for Press 5x7
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 10, 2013 2:57 am    Post subject: Another Set of Press Graflex Dimentions Reply with quote

There seems to be some variability in the curtain dimensions; not surprising considering the long production run of the Press Graflex.
This thread inspired me to open up a very rough 5x7 Press Graflex (serial No. 24050) that I have as one of those “some day” projects and get started with it. I was delighted to find the curtain in my old dog was in excellent condition. So to share my good fortune I will post the dimensions of the curtain as found.
The curtain is attached to the upper roller with a segmented wrap; five segments that wrap one full turn in opposite directions to prevent the fabric from coming unglued. (The Home Portrait Graflex uses the same technique
I did not want to peel the curtain off the rollers so I don’t know how many wraps there are but the diameter of the top roller with fabric attached is .796” and the bottom roller measures .776"
The length of the entire curtain as measured from the center line of the rollers is 65.5” (this doesn’t count the fabric wrapped around the rollers and glued.)
Unlike other curtain aperture Graflex where the curtain rolls up from the inside (rubberized side) top and bottom; the Press Graflex rolls up from the outside on the top roller (creating that distinctive bulge) and from the inside on the bottom roller. I can post some photos if that would be helpful.

Dimensions: (Keep in mind that the curtain has probably stretched a bit)
• The fabric (rubberized silk) measures .013” slightly thicker than the .010” used in the other Graflex cameras I have seen.
• The width of the curtain measures 7.250”
• The width of the slot openings are 6.437” to 6.500” (they vary a bit) and the side “tape” segments are .437” (7/16”)
• From the top, the first panel before the “O” opening is 8.625”
• The “O” opening is 7.375”
• The second panel is 8.062”
• The 1 ½” slot is 1 ½”
• The third panel is 8.062”
• The 1” slot is 1”
• The fourth panel is 9.687” (9 11/16)
• The 3/8” slot 7/16 (probably stretched)
• The fifth panel is 11.062”
• The 1/8” slot measures just over 1/8”
• The last panel measures 8” not counting the fabric wound onto the roller and glued.
• The stays are steel with brass rivets .220 wide and .038” thick, as folded over the fabric.

Good Luck!
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