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Pacemaker Kalart (side RF) actuating arm adjustment

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 20, 2012 2:08 pm    Post subject: Pacemaker Kalart (side RF) actuating arm adjustment Reply with quote

I'm working on a conversion, and as I have been reassembling the body, I realised that I did not document how the rangefinder arm should be positioned on its shaft.

*I decided to edit my original post, as I found the solution*

The camera in question is a Baby 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 Pacemaker, though I assume the positioning of the arm should be the same on all formats of the body.

Initially I was looking for a service manual for the side RF model, as all of the manuals I have found online, thus far, are for the top-RF Pacemaker. I then, however, found a post on here dating back to 2001 in which Bert Saunders mentioned that he had never found official instructions for re-positioning the Kalart actuating arm.

So, if you have dismantled your camera and removed your Kalart from the camera's body, the solution for re-positioning the actuating arm is provided by Jo Lommen:

I hope that others will find this when needed. And thanks, Jo, for having worked the adjustment out.

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, 2012 11:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

With actuating arm fully forward (yoke extended) press in at B and C then sit the assembly onto the shell with the pin at the top and bottom mating in their respective holes. Point B may need to be pushed in further with a small screwdriver so that it is past the 8 foot adjustment bar. Press inward on the bottom edge of the 25 foot scale/operating bar with a small screwdriver to seat the point A.

With the rangefinder assembled, yoke actuator set to hold actuator arm fully reward, yoke fully retracted into the body, 25 foot scale point A should mate with edge of actuator A with the 25 foot bar against the stop.

Adjustment should be the same procedure as the site instructions
or the manual at camera eccentric

This one had the movable mirror off set on the mount, was set up for a 10 inch (254mm) lens and would not achieve infinity focus once the 25 foot scale was set to the table setting for a 135mm lens. I removed the mirror from the mount and reattached it centered on the mount with little effect. I added a paper shim (.015 poster board) between the top edge and the mount block. The width of the shim is about 1/8 inch.
The movable mirror optical centering adjustment was set at 8 foot with the scale set to the table listing for a 135mm lens. Once it was set the bed eccentric adjustment corrected the infinity error and the 25 foot setting fell into place.

Once the mirror plate is removed to loosen/set the 25 foot scale only snug the screw so that the scale can be moved with a screwdriver tip if needed and the scale will hold position. Once the final adjustments have been made remove the mirror plate and secure the scale positions with an easy to remove glue that will not come off on its own. I use laytex contact cement. Rubber cement may work. Tighting the 25 foot scale screw may cause an adjustment shift. Reattach the mirror plate to the rangefinder body and recheck the adjustments once the glue/sealer has set.

When the rangefinder arm was adjusted to the 9mm distance listed in the linked procedure in the above post the rangefinder would not move off the infinity point until the lens was focused (yoke moved forward) at 15 feet. I set this one to 10.2mm and the rangefinder image moves with the yoke from infinity. Once I have adjusted 2 or more of these then I will determine the correct setting for the actuator.
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