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A tale of two folders, and questions

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2004 11:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I recently purchased a couple of old folders at pretty cheap prices.
I'm trying to get a decent camera for MF use to take with my on
motorcycle trips and car trips with hiking involved. I bought
Voigtlander Inos 1 (early 30's) with a 105 f-4.5 Skopar and a Wirgin
Auta (late 30's) with a 105 f-4.5 Gewironar. Both these are Tessar-
type lenses. I've heard lots of good things about the Skopar, but
haven't heard anything from anyone who has actually used a
lens, and am wondering about if they actually can be a good one. It
sure looks nice.
Comparing the two cameras makes me wonder on a couple of other
things. The Inos has a more versatile shutter (old Compur 1-1/250 vs
Auta's Prontor 1/25-1/100). However, there is a design flaw with
Inos. The lensboard is fastoned to the bed rail in such a way as to
feel like it is mounted with soft spring steel. It rocks back and
forth about a quarter of an inch or more (there is no play, just
soft, springy mounting). The Auta is very rigid in this respect. I
put a bubble level on the small brightfinder on each camera and
tripped the shutter (camera on tripod). When tripping the shutter at
any speed, the Inos caused the bubble to bounce around quite a bit.
The Auta didn't move the bubble a bit when I tried the same
The film plane is another potential problem. Both have nice needle
rollers, but the Inos has no pressure plate, while the Auta has a
nice one.

Will this have any real effect on the actual picture?

All in all, it would appear that the Wirgin Auta, a camera that few
have even heard of, is a much better built camera then the
Voigtlander Inos 1, which is from a very noted company. All I need is
to hear from someone who has actually used one of these and can give
any info on how well these lenses actually work.

I also bought a Kodak with the triplet Anastigmat Anastan 105-f-6.3.
It's pretty rigid built, but don't know if that triplet lens
is going
to be able to make good enough enlargements or not.


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