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Home-made bi-post-PC flash cables

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 11, 2004 6:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

After a few posts about bi-post and PC flash cables, I thought maybe I'd post some info about making quick & cheap cables since I've needed them in a hurry and they are easy to make...

These parts are available at most Radio Shack stores...

For the PC female end, the 'Adaptaplug "G" ' plug, part # 273-1720 is an almost perfect match if a little long.
This plugs into the "Adaptaplug Socket", part # 273-1743 which then gives you two wires to work with.

The easiest 'quickie' is to simply crimp these two wires onto the smallest alligator clips you can find. My last visit to Radio Shack produced the 1 1/4 inch clips, part # 270-378.

Since just about every electronic flash ever made came with a male PC connector, you simply clip the alligator clips onto the bi-post pins and the flash cable into the "G" adaptaplug and you're ready to shoot. But be careful! Some older model flashes can dump 600+ volts to those terminals!!!

The bi-post connector can also be made. Socket pins can be bought that will fit the pins. Slip these over the pins (with the wires connected!), cover with a small amount of tape (electrical tape) to keep any goo from clogging the sockets, then cover both pins with RTV silicon rubber or liquid tape and let dry. You can be as neat or messy as you want, it will work.

For a real plug, I just came home with an "Interlocking Connector" part # 274-234. This is a 4-pin connector more commonly known as a "Molex" connector. They didn't have a two pin... The spacing is just a little tight, but the socket connectors are a little loose on the bi-post pins, so the combination sould work if a little tight. If you're careful, the connector could be cut in half to make it smaller. But we're only talking about making something work here...

The cost is:

4.99 for the "G" plug.
2.99 for the "G" plug socket with wires.
3.49 for the alligator clips (pack of ten).
1.89 for the molex connector

No matter how you assemble this flash cord, it's a whole lot cheaper than buying a commercially made one and you don't even have to know how to solder.

And people will know you made it yourself!
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