(Arthur Fellig)

Weegee, as the newspaper photographer Arthur Fellig was known, is indelibly linked with the Speed Graphic in the public eye. Today, his photographs surpass the sensationalism that originally surrounded them as news photographs, and yet still resonate with the raw power that generated them.

The Brown University David Winton Bell Gallery held an exposition on Weegee called The Photography of Arthur Fellig, February 4 - March 12, 1995. Their online site features a few famous Weegee photographs. (Their online print of ``The Critic'' is an unusual uncropped version, and is of historical and technical interest, but does not have the impact of the final print, which is quite famous and was shown in their 1995 exhibit.) The gallery also has a quick biography online.

See the George Eastman House exhibit on Weegee, October 14, 2000 to January 7, 2001.

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