Michele Vacchiano was born in Turin (Piedmont, northern Italy) in 1951.   
He wrote several books about photography for important italian publishers:   
Macrofotografia ("The Close Up", 1985), La riproduzione fotografica di documenti ("Reprography of Documents", 1987), La fotografia di paesagglo ("Landscape Photography", 1988), Tecniche di caccia fotografica ("How to Photograph Wild Animals", 1988), Guida al fototrekking ("Hiking and Travelling Photography", 1992).
He usually works in the western Alps, and especially in the Grand Paradise National Park, about which he wrote La roccia incantata ("The Enchanted Rock", 1992). He has also made some documentary audiovisuals for the National Park.   
He contributes to several newspapers (either in Italy or in France) and also to some photo agencies.   

From 1986 to 1995 he taught Techniques and Aesthetics of Photography at the Journalism School and at the Superior Institute of Communication Sciences of Turin. He wrote the essay L'ordine apparente ("The Seeming Order", published by the University of Turin in 1992) about the semiology of visual communications.   

He was promoter and president of the Association for Nature, Photography and Alpine Culture Research.   

His pictures were exhibited in several occasions and have achieved a considerable success.   

He lives with his son near the center of Turin, but as often as possible he leaves the town for a lonely sixteenth century house at the foot of Monte Rosa.   

At the moment he's writing some new books. 



All photographs Copyright 1992 Michele Vacchiano
Dr. Michele Vacchiano . Via Pinelli 76-16144 Torlno (Italia). Tel. 39 11 4371674
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