Chapter 2 of "Instruction Manual for RB Super Graflex &c"

Revolving Back

    Most models of the Graflex are equipped with a revolving back. This is an arrangement permitting the rotation of the film or plate so that its long dimension may be either vertical or horizontal, to make possible vertical or hori zontal format of the picture without turning the camera on its side. To revolve the back, push in on the revolving-back release-button X (Figures 3 and 7) and revolve the extreme back of the camera. Make sure that the catch clicks to hold the back in the proper position; however, if the back is to be revolved only partially, this click will not make itself evident. The back is light-tight and maybe turned with the film holder in place and the slide withdrawn.

Figure 7.

The Ground Glass

The Focusing Panel

When it is desirable to observe the Image on a ground glass at the back of the camera, for instance when the camera is placed on a high support, the accessory Graflex Focusing Panel will be required. It may be fitted to the camera by the slide locks which hold the film and plate attachments and are described in the following paragraph. The accessory focusing panel is provided with side shields and a metal door which can be released by pressing down on the small latch directly beneath the door. When raised, this door permits direct ground-glass focusing and composing of the image produced by the lens. Note: Make sure that the focal-plane shutter is set at O, the I-T bar at T, and the mirror raised.

Film and Plate Attackments

Loading Holders