Leigh L. Klotz, Jr.

Monday, July 14, 2003


At NPUC at IBM Almaden Research. Just like last year, Gordon Bell and I were the first to arrive. He and Dan Gillmore and had a hallway chat about privacy, viruses, and financial data. Well, mostly I listened (for once). Gordon wandered off to look at an IBM poster on paper workflow I told him about, and Dan went to mix more. It will be fun to read his weblog, even though he's not too excited by mobile weblogging.

Free espresso and I've had three. There is 802.11b service, but I know from an XForms editorial meeting with TV Raman that GPRS service is available at a few of the windows, so I will visit one of them periodically to get data on my hiptop...appropriately enough my NPUC badge has a green screen terminal icon on it