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29 July 2002
Today I was invited to the NPUC 2002 conference on human computer interface at IBM. I would write about what happened, but Dan Russell announced that Dan Gilmore of the Mercury News was taking notes for his weblog, so I'll just point you there. I enjoyed talking to Rich Gold, Steve Harrison, Dale MacDonald, Scott Minneman, and others from theREDShift. Rich gave the keynote with presentations from his forthcoming book The Plenitude, although he didn't identify it as from the book (too modest, I guess).

28 July 2002
While waiting for my part from Bulgaria to arrive, I've started working on a port of the RioPlay replacement player for the SonicBlue Rio Receiver to i386 Linux with X, so I can do cross-development instead of testing on the ARM-based Rio Receiver itself. It compiles and runs, and now I need to write X replacements for the remote, display, and control panel.

26 July 2002
Megapath is a good DSL provider. They upgraded their network and now provide more of the infrastructure that they used to get from others. They kept me informed, did it from 11:00 yesterday to 1:00AM today, and didn't change my IP address, though they did apologize profusely that they were giving me only a month to change over my DNS server and offered to change it for me. After only a few hours, already I can see that the packet latencies and loss are measureably better to/from my office.

25 July 2002
I've ordered a set of PIC development and prototyping boards from Bulgaria, from a company called Olimex. I'm planning to build an interface that reads from a $25 GPS receiver I bought from BG Micro and write to the current location and time to a Compact Flash card ($20 for 64 Megabytes). If it all works, maybe I'll try some more sophisticated projects.

24 July 2002
I just started this. Probably I'll break it out into sections, but for now you'll have to bear with me for the whole thing.

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