Rio Server Updates

I have sold my Rio Receiver and am now using a Squeezebox player. The Rio Receiver was a great product, and had lots of fun potential, but if you want something open source with a better display, try a squeezebox.


This page describes an update of rioserve_0_20b.tgz from and I have sent the updates to Jeff Mock. Others have developed updates as well; my guess is that Jeff is not actively developing the software anymore. I've put the update here to share my changes with others.

if you are looking for a simpler set of perl code, without any web interface, try YARRS by Paul J. Lucas, which was based on Jeff's code and my (somewhat minor) updates.


Here is the README, with updated installation instructions.


  1. Configuration is now in, not spread into multiple files.
  2. The home page now lets you list bu title, artist, album, or genre, not just by title
  3. There is now an 'edit' page which is what you get taken to by default when you click on a song.
  4. You can edit any of the fields and it updates the database. It also updates the MP3 file itself, if you have write permission and mp3info executable installed (I used mp3info-0.8.4-2)
  5. Instructions now include specific step-by-step directions for Apache, NFS, DHCP, and SSDP configuration.


Download rioserve_0_20b-llk.tgz

In addition

In addition to this software, I recommend the volume knob adjustment kernel replacement available from It's just a replacement for the /tftpboot/ file (where is the IP address of your Rio Receiver). Use gunzip to decompress the zImage.gz file and replace the existing zImage file from receiver.arf with the new file.

Leigh L. Klotz, Jr.